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Where Are They Now?


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Added:16 November 2008, 17:48
I am GRAHAM JORDEN I am trying to trace my ancestors who lived in Herefordshire/Radnorshire names Price/Kinsey/Johnson 1800 onwards. also
James Spencer solicitor in Hay circa 1800. Any help appreciated.
Name: Graham Jorden
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Added:13 November 2008, 01:33
My name is Tony JONES-anyone still around the Hereford area who remembers the Commercial Road youth club of the mid fifties and the Hereford High School for boys from the early fifties. It would be nice to know if any still survive. I am now living in Spain having left Hereford to join the Met Police in 1957.Just a walk down memory lane!
Name: Tony Jones
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Added:05 November 2008, 21:16
I am doing family research and would like to contact any descendents of the following brother and sister who were born and lived in Hereford. They were William Henry EDWARDS, b 1889 and Harriet EDWARDS, b 1887. They were the children of WALTER EDWARDS, who emigrated to Australia when his wife died leaving his children to be brought up by his brother and wife, WILLIAM and MARY EDWARDS. Please contact me: Jeannette Thornell. 88, Barnwood Avenue, Gloucester,GL4 3AJ. Tel:01452 610455.
Name: Jeannette Thornell (Mrs.)
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Added:09 October 2008, 20:53
I am looking to contact anyone who is a descendant of James and Elizabeth Jones who lived in Canon Pyon around 1850 to 1910. They had several children including Rosetta and Catherine who was my great grandmother. James Jones was an agricultural labourer and is know buried in Ivington.
Name: Steve Wilson
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Added:07 October 2008, 13:40
My name is Sue Abbott and I am trying to find information about RAF Madley particularly 1942 - 1944. My Dad was stationed there for a short time between these dates. I know he was there in September 1943 because he and my Mum married in September that year and she moved to Madley to live with him.

Both my parents died many years ago and although they told us about their early life together there are questions I would like to ask now. For instance:
Where was the airfield
Can we visit the site
Which pubs did the air crew use
Does anyone remember the airfield
It has taken me a while to track you down (I had the wrong spelling of Madley) is there anything you can do to help me. I will be visiting but it would be nice to have some information before I arrive.
Name: Sue Abbott
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Added:06 October 2008, 18:59
My name is Betty Mullett and I live in Canada.
I am looking for the family of John Cooper. Born c. 1896 in Leominster. Someone has retrieved his WW1 dog tag and wishes it to go to family. John Cooper enlisted in the Canadian Air Force in 1917. I believe his parents were Agnes and Arnold Cooper, and siblings were Hilda, Lancelot and Thomas, all from Herefordshire.
If anyone knows anything about this family would they please get in touch with me. My Father was a WW1 vet and it is personal with me that we find this family.
Thanks you.
Betty Mullett
Name: Betty Mullett
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Added:04 October 2008, 12:46
Im looking for Joanna Durrant, daughter of Judy & Keith. I used to live in Pembridge where I met her, used to work in Pembridge Inn. Believe Judy & Keith live in Eardisland area & Joanna in Leominster (maybe?). Would be great to hear from her or anybody that knows her. Thanks.
Name: Darren Walker
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Added:29 September 2008, 11:00
trying to trace the whereabouts of an old friend steven robert/roger price who`d be in his 50`s
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Added:26 September 2008, 03:29
This is a photo of the family with the CARTER children in the front in 1955

Val Elton
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Added:26 September 2008, 02:48
Just wondering if anyone here have family members who have lived in or around Leominster, Upper Hill,Dilwyn,Weobley or surrounding areas. I am particularly looking for the descendants of GOODING (Reginald 1903) CARTER (Thomas c1900) The Carter Family had about 9 children including, Danny,Blodwyn,Glyn,Jennifer,Stanley,Tommy,. The Gooding family had a daughter Eileen or Evelyn. PRICE,ELTON,MORGAN If you have any info I would be very happy to hear from you and will happily give you a free copy of a substantial family tree for you to keep for your family history.

I am a lady with a passion for researching my family connections to be able to pass info onto my future Generations. If you feel you are related please make contact with me. You will find me on FACEBOOK also. Email address :

My Best Wishes
Val Elton (now Fleming)

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Added:23 September 2008, 16:32
i`m curious to know the whereabouts of steven robert/roger price.
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Added:23 September 2008, 12:55
My son, Guy Moxley (currently living in Australia), is organising a party, hoping to get all his old school friends together to celebrate their 40th birthdays.If you were at Aylestone School and are going to be 40 in this school year, you know who you are! Does anyone know the whereabouts of David A Carter? Contact me, Julie Moxley
Name: Julie Moxley
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Added:15 September 2008, 14:28
It is some while since I attempted through your column to trace any of my old comrades from RAF Shobdon. Well it paid off and I am now in touch with one of my old pals whom I last saw and spoke to 55 years ago!! My name is Jack Farrington and I was stationed at RAF Shobdon from 1950 until 1953 ( the year the camp closed down ), since then I have revisited the old camp and stayed locally in the villages of Pembridge and Eardisland but only occasionally and at lengthy intervals but on none of these occasions was I able to make contact with any of my old comrades although I knew that a few of them had married Leominster girls. Searching the records in the lublic library in Leominster did not bear fruit, but your paper has. A few weeks ago I received a telephone call from and old pal of mine who found me through the good offices of your `Where are they now` column. So thank you `Hereford Times`, well done and may your column continue in its successful efforts in re-uniting friens, family etc in the West Midlands. Jack Farrington, Oldham, Lancashire.
Name: Jack Farrington
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Added:14 September 2008, 03:52
I am currently researching my fimilly history My Name is Chris Jones born March 1951 My fathers name was Angus Melvin Jones who died in 1994
He had a sister (Nestor) and two brothers (Mick & ?) who I believe are still alive and living in Hereford I would aprieciate any information regarding his familly especially his parents My G/parents
Name: Chris Jones
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Added:12 September 2008, 22:18
Added again as my email has long since changed. If you have tried to conact, please do so again.

Hello, I have started to research my family history - HICKS - the majority of the family appear to have their roots in Leominster. With help of a long lost distant cousin in Canada I can go back to 1760 and have allot of associated names. Any HICKS researching and you think you are connected let me know. Any old pictures of Leominster particularly Dishley Street would be appreciated. Thanks Kevin Hicks

Name: Kevin Hicks
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